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CrystalOCR - is an OCR software development kit. Developers can use it to embed high-quality optical character
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3 October 2011

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique by which a computer reads and recognizes characters from a scanned image of a typed, handwritten or printed documents, and displays the text in a machine encoded character format. This technology is in wide usage these days due to its utility- for example a hand written document can be easily converted into a soft copy in a computer without the need of typing it again. But efficiency of this process highly depends upon the OCR applications and it’s recognition algorithms. CrystalOCR v.1.2 is an easy to use and powerful utility for creating such software.

CrystalOCR v.1.2 by NicomSoft Ltd is an OCR development kit by which developers can insert highly efficient OCR functionality in their applications. It has an advanced character recognition technology by which developers can equip their applications with the ability to recognize characters in various fonts, even those from poor quality images. It has a highly efficient algorithm to read distorted or fragmented characters from images with variable brightness and contrasts and also features intelligent character recognition for handwritten digits. Apart from this, for extra recognizing ability, it has a fully-featured dictionary support to make-out complete words from partially readable words. It supports various image formats like jpg, tiff, bmp, png and gif. It has a logical application programming interface, as well as large number of examples showing the usage of CrystalOCR for programming languages uch as VB.NET, C++, C# and Delphi. It is compatible for use with various programming languages which can use COM objects or can access various functions in DLLs like C++, VB, C builder, Delphi to name a few.

Overall, CrystalOCR v.1.2 is a highly efficient and all-in-one package for developing application with high OCR capabilities. Apart from this, it’s flexibility with various input formats and platforms make it an outstanding application. Hence, it receives a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

CrystalOCR - is an OCR toolkit that allows developers to embed high-quality optical character recognition functionality in their products. While the recognition quality delivered by CrystalOCR is on a par with the premium OCR packages on the market, we also offer a royalty-free licensing policy. This gives our customers the lowest total cost of ownership of a quality OCR system, enabling them to create software products that are more competitive.
Key features:
- Support of many image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and many others
- Support of multipage image formats (TIFF, GIF).
- Ability to load image from a file, memory or pixel data.
- Robust adaptive image binarization supports images with poor brightness or low contrast
- Ability to perform zonal OCR: select one or multiple areas for OCR
- Ability to specify different OCR options for different areas
- ICR module for handwritten digits
- Support of English, German, French, Spanish and Russian languages
- Ability to specify several languages for OCR
- Ability to specify different languages for different areas on an image
- Ability to use several CPU cores for even faster OCR
- Unique character analysis technology delivering reliable recognition of any fonts
- Advanced algorithms for poor-quality text, distorted, connected and broken characters
- Dictionaries are used for the best recognition
- Ability to exclude some characters from character set when necessary
- Ability to get additional information about text lines, words and characters: position, size, quality, etc
- Full Unicode support
- Simple API interface and sample projects for various programming languages: C#, C++, VB.NET, Delphi, C++ Builder, VB
- A wide set of supported frameworks and technologies that can use Crystal OCR: .NET, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, Silverlight
- Both native x86 and x64 binaries are available
Version 1.5.276
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